What is Bio resonance therapy, how does it work and what can it help with?

We are a bundle of compressed energy full of billions of cells. To stay well, these cells need to communicate easily and freely. We have rivers of energy flowing through every single one of us, in Sanskrit, these are called Nadis and these rivers need to be flowing so that we can function as we are meant to.

Bioresonance therapy encourages these rivers to flow and to shift any dams that may have been built up due to stress, environmental - 80,000 chemicals produced by man in the last 100 years - viral, bacterial, emotional, mental, toxic, etc... These are all stressors that our bodies have to face on a daily basis and it is therefore ever more paramount that we help support the body to stay healthy and to realign itself.

Bioresonance helps support, balance and boost all the body's elimination organs (skin, renal, liver, respiratory, intestinal, lymph) and clear toxic overload. It encourages and enables the cells to communicate again, which is key to our health. When the stressors in the body start to overflow the cell communication fades and it does not matter how healthy our diet and exercise routine is, the body will struggle to absorb the nutrients. SO cell chatter is fundamental to our health. Dehydration and toxicity are two important issues to look at as they prohibit cell communication.


Every organism has an electromagnetic wave and within this are frequency patterns, both harmonious and disharmonious. The Bicom machine separates these frequencies and sends them back and forth until all the disharmonious frequency patterns disappear or get to a point that there is no longer a problem and the harmonious have been amplified. This support allows the body do what it needs to do. It is like the 'like for like' theory in Homeopathy. The Bioresonance feeds the body a little bit of the issue that is going on in order to bring harmony. But rather than actually feeding a small dose of the bacteria or virus etc, it uses the frequency patterns of them. So, it really is a very gentle treatment.

It is a beautiful, non invasive therapy that encourages healing, bringing balance back into your life. It may feel out of your comfort zone because it is hard to comprehend and you cannot see it but if you simplify it to the point that we are all energy and that everything is energy, and that the Bicom is simply working with that energy, the concept becomes a little easier to embrace. It encourages us to look within and feel again, strengthening the mind body connection too.

What can it help with?

It can help with many ailments and side effects of illness.

It can be very helpful for allergies, (after 8 years of chronic hay fever, change of diet and BR I have had my first year with no hay fever!!),


That not quite right feeling

IBS, acne, headaches,

Sports injuries, inflammation, auto immune issues and many other issues.

It does not claim to diagnose or cure disease. It works with the individual and encourages the body back into its natural healing state.

The way I work with it is to encourage you to feel again. We are not looking for a fix. We are looking to bring the body back so that it can self heal, this IS its natural state.

Through careful testing it helps us find any underlying stressors such as parasites, bacterias, reactions to vaccinations, allergens etc. It allows the cells to communicate again. It is, like mentioned before, when the cells stop communicating, that malfunctions appear in the body's systems.

Nicks uses her knowledge in mind/body healing, food, IIN Coaching, wholistic therapy, to help the Bicom give the client the best possible treatment.

4-6 weeks is recommended for best results.

For more information get in touch with Nicks 07855256338/nicolacorbett@mac.com


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