Start with Ingredients in taking responsibility for what you eat.

When you are buying a packet of food, whether it be a pack of crisps, a bar of chocolate, a pack of ham, a pot of humous or a ready made meal, please look at the ingredients. Make sure you recognise everything as food. If it says 'sugar' it is sugar, if it says corn syrup, dextrin, maltodextrin... it is sugar and not the sugar we know as sugar! All these extra 'additives' are detrimental to our health and leading to diagnoses such as ADD, ADHD, mental health issues and a tonne of inflammatory issues that lead onto all sorts of complications.

Humous. I picked up a pot yesterday. New brand the shop was stocking. I was gutted. It was full of extra s*** that is not necessary and only makes what is normally a healthy dip into something that is full of sweeteners and rubbish. Why are we so surprised that we are all struggling with obesity and mental health problems???????!

So next time you pick up something that is in a packet, whether it be chocolate, crisps, ham, ready made meal, humous.... look at the ingredients and if you want to be a healthy happy soul, then PLEASE recognise what you are eating as food. Food feeds us. We are what we eat. Seriously. You eat a diet of man made produce you will feel pretty machine like and off colour. You eat a diet of vegetables, organic meats (if cost is an issue, eat less meat), fresh food, you will feel pretty fresh and brilliant. The brain fog will subside, the energy will return and life will look alive. A pack of crisps - look at a pack of plain crisps - potatoes, salt and sunflower oil. Recognise all of them. Pack of Doritoes - SCARY! They may taste delicious but you are not feeding your body one ounce of nutrition.

There is NO quick fix to our health. It takes time and discipline. So start now by looking at what you are eating. And if you have kids PLEASE encourage them to do the same.

12tsp of sugar in a can of soda

Aspartamene in many products leads to nervous disorders and mental breakdowns and behavioural issues

Everything in a Diet Coke, leads to anxiety and depression and nervous issues. I can vouch for that!

61 types of sugar hidden in our foods. Learn them

You don't have to go Vegan or Vegetarian but eat LESS meat and eat meat that is fresh, grass fed and organic. Happy meat, happy you.

It is not about saying NEVER but it is about having an awareness of what these man made foods do to your health. And when you have awareness, you have choice!

With much love, light and laughter



#ingredients #mentalhealth #behaviouralissues #foodisourmedicine #organicmeat


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