2020 - FMT - Finding my Truth

This year I will be sharing extracts and tools from my new course Finding my Truth. My blogs will be centred around this and around Self Care, Self Love and Awareness. With these three things, we can find joy, contentment, health, happiness and love. We give ourselves the choice to change the things we do not like in our life and to choose again and again until we are following the path that lifts us so that we can share out light with the world, from a place of integrity and love.

I look forward to sharing with you. If you are open to change, start surrendering now and trusting that there is something light and gorgeous guiding you. You may not be able to see it but if you listen and enjoy stillness from time to time, you will start to hear its messages, guiding you and blessing you.

In this stillness we start to find peace.

In this peace we start to enjoy this moment.

The more present we become,

The more alive we feel.

The more alive we feel, the more aware we become.

The more aware we are, the more choice we have

And the more choice we have,

the more empowered we become.

In this moment, we are given the greatest gift. The present.

Sat Nam



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