What to do when we are not doing?!


Woah, this is a big one for many. Having been a controlling, ocd, doer for much of my life, I can sympathise with the discomfort streaming through many at this time. Not only is there much fear and concern in the air, but there is also a sense of shock for many that we are being forced to stop.

SO I want to try and reassure you all that actually there is plenty we can Do as a human BEING. And the journey can be really cool/empowering if you embrace it. We get the chance to ask ourselves, why do we have to 'do' so much. What are we trying to prove? What are we running away from? What are we making ourselves to busy to face? Why do we not see ourselves as worthy as we are? Because beautiful people, each and every one of you is the most worthy, most incredible being and you have a responsibility to own that and share it! :)

We are not a human doings after all. We are a human being. And when we relearn to be the latter, we allow our bodies to function as they want to, keeping us happy, healthy and whole! We relieve ourselves of stress and our minds become clearer and at peace. We start to hear new wisdom that excites us as the noise in our heads starts to melt away.

It can be kind of bumpy the journey back to stillness but it is also incredibly beautiful as we start to live life more consciously and with integrity, seeing things we missed before, feeling things we never knew we felt and enjoying these feelings or them letting go. Our perception of life changes dramatically. We find the confidence to make changes where necessary and we do so from a loving, kind and calm place. All in all 'being' is a pretty cool place to live from.

So here are some ideas for the days/weeks/months ahead

Start exploring all the interests you never have time for.

Write a list of what really matters to you. Like if everything was stripped away from you, what would you recognise as priority. This is where your energy needs to go. Check in with it every couple of weeks, to see if it changes. What excites you. What will you plan for this excitement to manifest? See it, dream it.

Create a self care routine that nourishes your mind, body and spirit (I can help you with that!) :) Self care, is really listening to what your body needs. Not what you think you need. Or what you think others think you need!

Embrace exercise routines that you never have time for or make time for.

Watch all those awesome films and tv shows. Make some popcorn and share with the family. One salt bowl and one with maple syrup!

Sign up to a course online. Gives you a couple of hours study a day. Keeps the brain ticking and who knows may lead onto something once we are all moving again. Great things come out of stillness.

Learn something new. Something that is useful for yourself and that betters the world.

Catch up on admin.

Tidy and clean your house so you have clarity, physically, mentally and emotionally. Empty those cupboards you have been meaning to for years.

Adapt your shopping habits - I don't mean shopping now, but maybe explore how you can shop more ethically and more local once we are all back on track. Where does your produce/product come from?

See where there is lack... maybe you can fill the gap - affordable, local, organic, non plastic etc etc... See this 'stopping' as opportunity not lack. If we get lost in the 'panic' of where we might be we will raise our fear and our anxiety and get sick and this will do no good for ourselves or anyone. We MUST focus on creating a brighter future for ourselves and others and the world. This is our chance. Nature has given us one more! Always the giver. Now lets receive with gratitude and give back!

Bring in supplements and daily tools that support your immune system and eat as much fresh veg as you can. But no panic buying! Examples...

Ashwagandha - reduces inflammation, supports the nervous system and the immune system and your mental health.

Added greens - clean greens (pukka) and super greens (your super)

Amla - high dose of Vitamin C

Movement and conscious breathing!

Be grateful

Be Kind - kindness boosts our immune system - FACT

Sleep - good sleep essential. If you struggle here, make time for rest

Crowd out processed foods and sugars

Do your best to face the day not numb the day

Crowd out caffeine or enjoy one or two cups only

Espom salt baths

Daily Magnesium spray - great for the nervous system

Omega 3's - great for the immune system

Feel your emotions - energy in motion - do not suppress them. Feel them, then release them.

This is your time to create the life you dreamed of!

Get outside as much as you can. I know we are to be in lock down but hopefully we will all be allowed to walk - if you are in the countryside remember how very blessed we are to have the option. If you are in a city... do your best to get out and walk a street if you can! Or stick your head out the window, take some deep breaths and then walk in the spot and get in touch with your imagination. I am feeling that less pollution will mean more birds, so maybe see what you can hear each day. And really enjoy listening to the sounds of Nature. How often do we do that!

I will be running a Sunday morning Meditation out with the herd 10am. Just working out how to share this! In person I can offer a chair with the 3metres apart. Recording it, I may share via newsletter or email. Any tips welcomed! :)

Read. Pick up books that you have been staring at for years now. I have a few! HA

Meditate. Do your best not to over complicate it. 2 minutes a day is just perfect. There are a number of wonderful people setting up group meditations at the moment so

maybe join one of them. Or explore ways that resonate with you. (again I can help with this...I will share ways over the coming weeks) But get started now if you can. If you want guidance how to start ping me an email nicolacorbett@mac.com

Be grateful. For life. For family. For friends. For the internet. For phones. For communication. For Mother Nature and all she provides. For the Dr's, the Nurses, the carers, the dustbin collectors, the supermarket and food providers and for those making big decisions. The list is endless for what we are to be grateful for.

When we are grateful, we are connecting to our hearts.

Do you best to send love to those you do not admire or like. An example....Donald Trump gets a lot of hate for example but hating him is only increasing the hate in the world. Critisizing him and bitching about him is only raising that vibration of hate. Send love to him. Love can make people feel uncomfortable. Love will always win...it does not mean you agree with what he says or does but it does mean you are changing the feeling in the world. We need to recognise that our thoughts and our feelings spread WAY further than our own minds. We are ALL connected. Maybe explore that while at home! :) Quantum physics and the Zero point field. This applies to those in charge and those that live right next to you. What you put out, you add to and you receive. Work out what it is you want to receive!

Reconnect to your heart space, forgive, let go, forgive, let go... the greatest healing tool.

Practice connecting to your breath. Be conscious of it and truly grateful for it. Deep breaths keep our immune system strong. Takes us out of our SNS and into PNS.

Tidy the garden. Plant new seeds. If you do not have a garden, plant a pot of seeds and watch them grow. It is possible and magical!

Listen. Listen to what your family and friends are saying. Really listen. Get out of your to do list and hear what is being shared with you.

Spend time with your family, animals and call friends and family you have not been in touch with for years because of lack of time or energy.

Try not to get lost in the stories of others. Yes, there is a lot of scary stuff going on out there and yes, businesses are frightened of going bust, BUT we are ALL in the same boat, even if our stories differ.

Remember humans will always come together... so when we can move again, we will support each other to grow again. Especially if we are restored, strong and coming from a place of love not fear.

We can send prayers and love to those suffering but then we must focus on feeling love, sharing love and being love. And to do this we need to step back from the fear and control being spread by Media. I know this sounds like I am being 'naive' or trying to 'ignore' what is going on. Absolutely not. But as individuals we have a responsibility. If we get lost in the stories of others, we are depleting our energy reserves to a point that we are feeding the fear and anxiety in the world and breeding more AND when we are challenged we have no reserves to help ourselves or others. We need to stay strong and to feel joy, to feel love as much as we possibly can to spread these vibrations and the more of us that do that, the more likely the feelings across the world will change. We have that choice. And I don't know about you but I am a bit done with fear, control and anxiety. I am ready for joy, love and happiness. It is our birthright after all! So lets come together and breed love not fear. Let's support each other and share compassion not conflict. Let's listen to each other and share joy not judgement.

Focus your energies on a world where we all have enough and we start caring deeper for what we do for each other, for ourselves and for planet Earth. It is the law of giving and receiving.

Build up your reserves. This is your time to nourish and nurture your body. To give it the rest it probably deserves. To allow it to rebalance and restore into its natural healing state. I am embracing this 100%.

Check out the world pollution map.... watch pollution drop away. And also note that China has so much. We are super happy to buy stuff from China but fail to comprehend that people are suffering in toxic environments so that we can! I have only just recognised this myself.

But it is amazing the pollution is going down! There is a positive! So lets try and encourage it to keep their pollution down for the sake of its inhabitants. 1.6 million die a year in china from pollution!

Allow things to shift. Allow changes to occur. Reach for guidance when you need it. There is PLENTY out there.

Love. Love. Love.

Please share with anyone. This is a time for sharing.

Sharing is caring after all!



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