Everything has a vibration - what do you want yours to be?

What we see, what we feel, what we think, what we are.. is energy. Everything has a vibration and these vibrations manifest into something. A feeling, a thought, a substance, an object.. something.

Why am I writing about this... well I was ironing away yesterday and it came to me to share this exercise. I hope that you might find it helpful. Perhaps it is something you can bring to use when you find yourself lost in negative thinking or you find yourself aware that you are not feeling quite as happy or healthy as you want to.

SO you are in a conversation to yourself or to another and you are using the words, Ghastly, horrific, awful, tragic, terrible, mean, sick, evil, dominating, controlling.... How do these words make you feel as you say them? How do they make the person feel as you say them?If they are not aware of their thoughts/feelings, they will match the vibration and that is two people expanding negative energy into mass consciousness.

How do we know what these words are doing to us?

Does a nervous/heavy feeling start fluttering in your stomach? Or your breathing change? Or your mind start whirring? Can you feel your anxiety levels changing. Do you feel unsafe, insecure, separate? Do you feel yourself immersing further into the heavier side of life. That is how..

You may not feel this, but very possible it is quite likely...

Now listen to yourself speaking to yourself or another and including the words, loving, kindness, sharing, caring, amazing, compassionate, forgiving, listening, forgiveness, generous, giving, gratitude, grateful, nurturing, supportive, worthy, funny, sensitive, patient, awesome, wonderful, inspirational, calm, appreciative, welcoming, receptive, healthy, healing, peaceful...

How do these words make you feel? Calmer? Safer? More relaxed? More connected?

When we use a language that is positive and beautiful, we feel safer and more connected. We are creating space for healing not just of ourselves but for all mankind. We are creating space to send love and send our thoughts to those in need, which in turn increases their strength and health. When we focus on heavy words, we bring ourselves down, we heighten our stress and the stress of the world. We feed energy to those vibrations and they expand leaving no room for growth, wellness and joy.

SO we have a responsibility to focus on the thoughts that lift us, not just to ourselves but to the world. We want to expand the field of love, kindness, health and peace NOT that of fear, sickness, loneliness and war.

We can witness each others pain and hold space for healing, by listening, caring and loving but we must be aware not to live another's pain. When we do this we only add to theirs and to our own. It is not helpful to anyone.

This is not mumbo jumbo. This is fact. We do our best not to believe it because it does not fit in with the conditioned mind of 'control.' It sits with the world of expansion, growth, creativity, possibility, potential and health, which is very new to us and yet it is our very truth, the wisdom of our soul. Sounds pretty attractive to me.

Practice - having an awareness of your thoughts. Take this with you and remind yourself that your perception of the world is everything. You may feel scared. You may feel heavy emotions and that is totally natural. Feel them but don't give them more energy by adding frightening words and conversation. Doing this gives more energy to them and then makes them reality. What we think, we create. Feel the feelings and then let them go and bring in gratitude, love, peace... find something to take your mind to another place, a place that brings safety and joy. With access to the internet we have access to both good and bad, in life we have access to both ups and downs- what are you going to feed yourself - the love and joy in the world or the fear and judgement of it?

You have that choice and the choice is yours.

You don't like your thinking. Choose again. And again. And again! Choose until you have rewired the brain to thinking differently.

To let go of a negative thought you have to replace it with a positive thought.

It takes practice, it takes discipline BUT it is all possible. We have access to Infinite possibility we just have to believe it.


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