A passage from "Naked Being" by JM Harrison

" You have an opportunity to approach the truth of Naked Being right here, right now. You don't have to wait. For who is waiting? Why are they waiting? What are they waiting for? For that truth is what your presently are. it exists inside you, a flame which can never be removed or extinguished - only obscured, postponing your recognition further still. For beneath this personal plethora of mind-body memorised details and habits, there abides an eternal sacred Heart."

The more space you create for your Heart to shine through and lead, the more space you create for your world, your life to be full of joy, peace and compassion. You will start to feel all anxieties and worries melt away as you start to let go of the need to control, the need to hold on and start to trust and embrace uncertainty, movement and fluidity. The more you allow your truth to come forward, the more deeply connected you will feel to everything around you, recognising the value of all you see and experience.

Exercise to encourage that heart/brain connection and to bring balance to your day.

Take a moment. Sit/lie down. Breathe. Connect to that breath. Feel it as you draw it in through the nose on the inhale and let go as you watch it on the exhale. And then just sit for a couple of minutes or more and say the following....

I breathe in Peace I breathe out conflicts I breathe in Love I breathe out fears I breathe in compassion I breathe out judgements I breathe in unconditional love As I breathe out I let go of all hurts and embrace forgiveness.

Have a wonderful Sunday and embrace some time to 'be'.


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