Health coaching (a bridge between therapy and nutrition) offer - Introductory session

Are you getting a feeling that you would like more light in your life? Would you like to find more balance and be able to deal with the darker days with strength and gratitude rather than a defensive reaction?

Are you fed up of diets and fed of cutting this and that out and finding that it might work for a time but then just stops working. OR that it just doesn't work at all for you and yet it seems to work for everybody else?

I offer a 6 month (change happens and sticks) programme whereby we meet every two weeks for an hour and talk through both your primary and secondary foods. This is called the circle of life. It is a journey of self discovery, of discipline and of crowding out rather than cutting out. It is about transformation rather than information. It is about diet and nutrition. It is about finding peace from within.

You commit to the programme and i commit to you and change will happen. Balance will come. You will finish with a bunch of tools that will you can access at any time. It is about kindness to oneself and to others. It is about listening to the mind/body connections. It is about removing the judgement and conflicts we so often create. All in a safe space that Nicks creates.

Everybody has a story, everybody likes to be heard and everybody wants to be listened too. When this happens we can release baggage and move on. Bettering ourselves as we go and therefore bettering our surroundings.

If you are interested in getting in touch as an individual or as a group or as a company who is keen to give their employees a space to off load and empower themselves to eat well so that they can perform to their best, or a school that would like to encourage their pupils to eat well, sleep well, 'be' well so that they too can be their very best in health and school life. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Introductory consultation £40 - OFFER TILL AUGUST 1st £25.

Sign up to the 6 months - £1200

Includes one on one time, follow up emails. Access to Nicks via email in-between appointments. Gifts that are relevant to your transformation. Tools that are personal to you. Any relevant sheets or information that Nicks believes is relevant for you moving forward.

OFFER FOR 6 MONTH PROGRAM - Sign up by August 1st and it is £900

Horses and mindful healing.

Call Nicks for your Introductory session

to a Holistic health program tailored to you.

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