So here I go....

Usually, I spend hours writing and re writing my newsletters, making sure that I have not made a mistake or hold off sending it out as my ego bashes through and I start worrying what people might think! Well, no more of that it is time to share and share I will. As yet I cannot be totally sure what I will be sharing, definitely embracing the concept of uncertainty! But what I do know is that the intention behind every post will be to help the reader feel supported, loved and not alone. And perhaps even smile. :) Each post will share ways to come back into balance.

So, I have been wrestling with finding 'space' in my days to 'feel' connected and to share this wisdom but had an epiphany last night... stop waiting for the space and just get present and it will come. Reading Rebecca Campbell last night encouraged all this to come forward and clear. "Be the lighthouse - not the electricity." So here I am. :) It is not about me, it is about the light I am here to share and hopefully by doing this it will ignite the light within you too, so that you can share your beaming, beautiful light with the world. Admittedly this is being heavily challenged with all the changes and madness that is going on in the world. And being tired also makes it more challenging. But when we are aware of this we can do something about it... use our tools to find balance again and let that light shine.

It is not about getting it all right and having all the ducks in a row before starting, it is about meeting ourselves where we are... in the midst of crazy times, where cycles of all sorts are occurring and we are all feeling pretty unsteady, ungrounded and voices in our heads are shouting.... ' what the f... is going on.' Well maybe not in everybody's but in some of ours!

So I am here to say, it is ok. We are in it together. All our stories and feelings matter as much as the next and it is imperative that we listen to each other so that once voiced, these feelings and stories can move on and we can, as a community, as a family, as human beings, create a new world. A world that is not governed by fear and control but by Love, forgiveness, compassion and peace. These are the feelings and the emotions of the heart. These are the foundation of wisdom and wisdom is the firm base for which our new world must grow.

Our job... to remain in balance. To see and embrace the Yin and the Yang, the negative and the positive, the hot and the cold, the ups and the downs and to let them be there. To witness and observe them, to feel them, to forgive and then let go. Forgiveness is the greatest tool we have for a peaceful, happy world.

So today, if you are feeling wobbly - this is what I do - place your feet on the ground - I have just done this. And breathe. Breathe deep. - Yup that feels good.

Breathe in through the nose, feel that new life, that new energy filling your lungs, your body and allow your body to receive this new vitality. This new source of life. And as you breathe out let all tension melt away. Feel your shoulders drop - Yup that feels good too!- allow yourself to immerse yourself in this new flow. Feel this energy rooting you to Mother Earth. Feel your connection and just be. Bring your hands together, bringing both Masculine and Feminine together. This brings the brain into a neutral state and as you gently bow, know you are loved, know you are special, know you are all part of the new light, ,the new dawn, the new world. No more feeling seperate, no more feeling alone, we are drawing together, as one, connected and at peace.

Sat Nam



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