There is no right or wrong, there is what is.

We spend way too much time commenting about others, discussing others, judging others and we spend way too much judging ourselves. Really, if we stopped, just for one moment and listened to ourselves, we would be shocked!

I invite you today to stop every time you find yourself talking about someone else or having a go at yourself and just check in with the conversation. Are you sharing something uplifting and positive or are you making a judgement. If the latter. Stop, breathe and change direction.

We pour so much energy out into the world having an opinion about this or that, when actually we would be doing everyone and every thing a huge favour if we just made an opinion about the way we live and work on that.

It is not about whether we are right or whether we are wrong, it is about how we live and how we feel about the way we live. Do our actions make us feel good about ourselves? Or do they not? If they do not then we are not living our best self and we need to dig deep and have the courage to change and grow. This is strength and this is empowerment.

The world we are living in right now is a perfect example of the power of getting lost in judgement. I will share it from my perspective. So, if I allow myself to get absorbed and totally lost in what is going on and the different rules and regulations that are being shared, I find myself feeling anxious, cross and totally confused. I cannot get my head around any of it and all the conflicting opinions make NO sense at all. Nothing seems to add up or make any sense. I feel myself adding to the fear and the anxiety that is rife consciously and unconsciously at this time.

DOES THIS MAKE ME FEEL GOOD? NO! So, I am grateful that I do what I do and I can see that. I stop, step back and breathe. I cannot change what is going on in politics but I can support and contribute to what is going on around me and if I do this from a loving and solid place, this will have a positive impact on those I encounter and hopefully start to spread. If we all do this, guess what?! We start to change the world for the better! We start to shine and share the light.

We all want to feel safe. That inner child just wants to feel joy, have fun and feel safe. Every child just wants to feel safe. And safe we should all feel. But not by being controlled. We want to feel safe because the life we have 'chosen' allows us too. Because it supports us and helps us to grow. We also need to feel empowered in order to feel safe. So even though, I am sure all the intentions of the governments is to keep us safe, we must also take charge of that responsibility for ourselves. Starting with looking after ourselves. Properly. Not jut putting it off because we know that a Dr can fix us down the road. And if they don't we can blame them for not doing so, rather than taking responsibility for our own lives, our own choices. Yes, there is a lot that needs to change in order for being healthy to be easier and more affordable. But exercise and movement can be free - lockdown has proven that. Loving is free. Being supportive is free. Being Kind is free. Being Grateful is free. Meditation is free. Breathing is free. Water is free. All these things are the foundation to good health. Before food, before anything else. So, we can make a change, a change for ourselves and a change for the world. We are the change, so lets take ownership, responsibility and start striding forwards in confidence to be that change.

There is no right or wrong way to do it. There is your unique way. If it feels right and it makes you feel good, then you are lighting up the path. If it sinks you and makes you feel bad, then redirect, redirect, redirect! Trust yourself. Back yourself and start connecting to that deep, inner knowing that is here to teach you, to guide you and to share your truth, the wisdom from your heart.




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