Pumpkin came to us from a friend who had given her a home from Horse world welfare.


My friend was moving to Portugal so needed to find her another home, so you can imagine our hands went up very quickly! She was very anxious for the first 6 months of being here. She would jog up and down the paddocks nervously making herself and all of us watching exhausted!  So the first winter she was here we separated the herd so that she could start to settle and relax with less going on. Connie and Lightening took charge and Noodle and Liam joined in for some lessons in horsey life and Pumpkin started to relax. Since Connie's departure, she has actually taken the lead quite a few times when a new paddock or route is being open to them. 

I found out recently her story and how she ended up at Horse world welfare. She and 100 other ponies were discovered in a barn so full of straw and horse poo that the man that discovered the ponies thought they were double the size they actually were. Sadly, many of them died but Pumpkin is here and with her bandy back legs that give her her unique dance as she moves, she is a beautiful, intelligent soul that we feel honoured to have in our presence!


For more information please call Nicks Corbett on 07855256338

or email Nicola on nicolacorbett@mac.com  

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