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The Equus 


Horses have been around since 700,000 BC. The remains of horses were found in Sussex and Suffolk around this time. At first we (mankind) used the horse for farming, transport, etc and this was up until the 20th Century.  At this point they became recreational only. In some countires the mares milk is still used for drinking and eating but mostly the horse is for our pleasure. It is debatable when the horse became domesticated but people think it was around 2-3000 BC..
The horse has given us joy from the very beginning whether in myth (Pegassus - the beautiful white horses. The Unicorn in the Babylon myth) - the different breeds of outstanding beauty; the joy and fun they give us when we ride them; their strength when used in farming and transport; their patience when we learn to ride for the very first time. They give and give and forgive. And yet, still we seem to think we must use force and power to control them. Maybe, just maybe we could try working alongside them in a partnership and offer trust and love instead. I am seeing that these tools give a wonderful foundation to a beautiful relationship. And with these learnings, life in the everyday becomes more still, more beautiful, more peaceful. 
What do you think?